Volunteer Positions

There are a number of posts available for volunteers within Denny & Dunipace CAB, as listed below:


Volunteer advisers interview clients and let them explain their problem.   They then help the client clarify any issues by exploring the problem and asking questions.   Advisers then consult AdviserNet, a comprehensive information system available in electronic format, before explaining the options to the client.  The client is then encouraged to decide what to do.   Advisers are trained to check that clients are receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled and can often help fill in complex forms. They can also speak or write to other agencies on the client’s behalf, if appropriate.  Advisers must make a detailed record of each client’s enquiry for quality assurance purposes and so that further help can be given if the client returns to the bureau.  Advisers normally go through a 26 week training programme.


Administration volunteers do a broad range of administrative tasks essential to the effective running of a typically busy bureau.  Administration volunteers provide crucial administrative support to the volunteer advisers by helping with filing and the production of letters.  Administration volunteers may also handle incoming and outgoing mail.

Social Policy Co-ordinator

In order to meet the second aim of the Association, bureaux are encouraged to recruit volunteers with special responsibility for social policy activities.  These volunteers help ensure that each bureau gathers data so that social policy trends and issues can be identified at a local and a national level.  Bureaux and CAS respectively are then in a position to make objective, evidence-based approaches to relevant policy makers and highlight possible shortcomings of current social policy frameworks.  In this way, bureaux are proactively helping to combat social problems at source.  Social policy volunteers can take part in campaigns and activities designed to raise awareness of social policy issues.

Committee of Management Members

Volunteer committee of management members are local people with an interest and/or expertise in voluntary management issues.  The committee of management usually meet bi-monthly and are legally responsible for the effective running of the bureau.  The committee of management meetings will consider a report from the manager on operational matters such as volunteer recruitment and training enquiries dealt with.  The treasurer will present financial details so that the committee of management can monitor the budget and make decisions regarding fundraising or service developments.  The committee of management must ensure that the bureau is widely known in the community and the diversity of the local population is reflected in the bureau’s volunteer and client base.  The committee of management is also responsible for ensuring the provision of a quality advice service.  On a day-to-day basis the manager usually undertakes quality assurance procedures.  However, the Association undertakes a regular quality of advice and organisational audit to determine whether membership standards are being maintained.  The committee of management plays a central part in this crucial quality assurance process.

Do you think you would like to volunteer with us? If so,  please get in touch.