Personal Debts

Our aim is to offer a free, independent and confidential money advice service which will actively help and assist any debtor who approaches us with a genuine desire to deal with their debt problems in a way which is affordable, fair and reasonable.

How we can help

We will sit down with you and compile a complete and accurate picture of your current financial situation without regard to how or why your debts came about in the first place but rather with focus on feasible and available routes out of debt, and there are many.

With your consent and on your behalf, with your interests in mind, we will engage with your creditors, statutory agencies and any other relevant third party to steer you towards a solution which will, as far as possible, leave you debt-free after a reasonable period of time.

As well as helping with your immediate debt problems, we can assist you with general financial capability education so that you are better able to budget and manage your finances in the future.

Unmanageable personal debt is rarely an isolated issue in your life but more often than not can be tied in with other matters such as housing, employment, and consumer or relationship factors. The Bureau can offer a holistic approach to your needs so that you will emerge from your engagement with us in possession of a balanced raft of life skills which will equip you to take effective control of your affairs in the future.

Contact us, we can help.